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Please read all of our french bulldog pricing, and puppy information below prior to contacting us directly. We have taken the time to answer the most frequently asked questions below.



All puppies are sold as pet with spay / neuter requirements in the contract.



Standard colored pet puppies are $3,000.

Blue and chocolate pet puppies are $5,000.

Blue and chocolate fawn pet puppies are $4,000.



To reserve the puppy of your choice a $1000 deposit is required. Without a deposit, the puppy is available to others. The remainder of the cost must be paid prior to puppy’s departure.

I accept paypal or personal check or bank transfer for the deposit. Any checks for the balance must be received two weeks prior to puppy’s departure. Deposits are not refundable.



I do NOT ship puppies alone.  If you live outside of the north central Texas area I can get the puppy to you with a nanny for an additional fee.



All puppies have 2 NEOPAR ( parvo only) vaccines and at least 1  5 way vaccine before leaving.  At five weeks they have heart checkups and a fecal. Any other concerns are addressed at the 5 wk checkup.  They will be wormed 3 times prior to leaving. I do offer a 1 year health guarantee that you must sign prior to accepting your puppy. The guarantee is for a replacement puppy, if applicable.  I do not pay vet bills or refund sales.



Puppies have liver broth and mother’s milk only until around 4 weeks of age. Then they start eating softened puppy food until they are big enough to eat the crunchy bites. When they come home they will be on dry puppy food and water only.  I do not recommend feeding canned food to puppies or adults unless there is a specific medical reason to do so. A young puppy should eat all they want several times a day. After age 5 months or so, you can put them on a more strict feeding schedule. This will help with potty training too.



I cannot stress enough how intolerant of the heat the Frenchies are. They must be watched closely for overheating, even inside if they are very rambunctious. If you want a dog that can go mountain hiking with you , this is not the breed you need to get.  I know of many Frenchies and other bully breeds who have died of overheating and not only in warm climates. They can get very worked up playing in even cool climates and pass away.



Once you have read the above, please contact me about current or upcoming puppies .

Call or Text:  ( 817) 729-3053 / Email:

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