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I always loved and wanted a dog for as long as I could remember. I had neighbors who bred and raised show Shelties and I hung out with them as much as I could and played with the dogs and learned about their health and care and feeding requirements. Then, when I was 12, my mom bought me my first dog, a cocker spaniel named Sugar. Sugar was the beginning of a very early breeding program for me. Within 2 years, I had 3 cockers and was having litters and dealing with the AKC and customers and vets. When I look back, it seems like 12 years old is pretty young for that kind of management. But I didn’t know that at the time. I enjoyed the birthing process and watching the babies grow and helping their mother tend them. When I met my husband, he was a Boxer lover.

I’d never had a Boxer but always thought they looked cool. I got him one year for his birthday and that brought about a LOVE for that breed as well. We bred a few litters here and there, but mainly we just enjoyed them as pets. Also, when our human babies came along I realized that a Boxer is as good as a nanny. They are docile and patient with the children and good protectors of their home. Today we have 2 Boxers still and they act as the defenders of the little ones. ………and then came the French invasion!!!!!!

After having a houseful of boxers for many years, we got used to dogs on the couch, in the bed, under our feet, inside the cabinets, in the back seat of cars…………. and boxers are BIG DOGS! To me, the Frenchies look like a miniature boxer almost. Now some will disagree, but I mean the basics. They have a deep chest and narrow waist and are just as silly and loyal as the big dog, but in a small body. It’s a good thing the family loves dogs because now we have 6 adults and the 2 boxers and one Wonder Kitty.

We have 2 children and both my son and daughter sleep with a frenchie in their bed at night. Sometimes they fight over who gets which one. They help with the puppies and gathering up of dogs that seems constant. We live in a very rural area on 10 acres, so the dogs have always had plenty of room in a giant fenced yard. I don’t have a kennel or ANY outdoor facility or structure to house dogs. I never did, even with the bigger dogs. Our dogs stay indoors because they are cleaner and behave better and can be a part of the family if they are in continuous contact with humans and rules and not running outside and getting the ‘pack’ mentality. I would hope anyone buying a puppy from me would come to my home to meet the parents and see where their puppy came from to get a better understanding of how things work here.

The babies are handled and played with many times daily and are usually crate trained before they leave home. Crate training is essential to potty training in my opinion. I have an outstanding vet who approves all of my decisions regarding health of the dogs. If she recommends it, I do it, period ! All the dogs are on preventives for heartworm, worms and are given shots regularly. Puppies have all shots needed before leaving home. I also stay in touch with buyers for as long as I can to give any help I can. I like to see pictures of the kids as they grow and know where they all are and what they look like now. I try to help in any way I can so that your new baby is healthy and not causing you too much grief ( at least any more than a new puppy causes naturally ).

———- Owner Bonnie Wolfe


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