About Blue French Bulldogs – BUYER BEWARE

 A Blue Frenchie is a significant investment. Hours go into researching pedigrees, health issues and whelping issues. Also a well kept Frenchie gets the highest quality in housing, nutrition and health care. Beware of sellers with bargain or discounted blues. There are currently some blue breeders with really ‘great’ prices. Be cautious !!! If you see an underpriced blue french bulldog please go to the breeder’s home. See for yourself their environment and surroundings. Meet both parents of the dog and gauge for yourself their health and quality of life. Are they happy and excited to see you? Or are they nervous and unexposed to people, which would indicate they live a life of solitude only to make money for their master. Interview their vet and see how this breeder maintains their dog crew and if they are current on all preventative measures. In addition, spend a little time looking into their paperwork. Many blue dogs were sold with the intent of NOT breeding and therefore might not be the dog advertised as the parent. You can also check with the AKC to ensure the breeder is in good standing. Be diligent and be aware that if you are paying less than market value for an akc registered blue french bulldog, there is probably a reason. Any legitimate breeder should be more than happy to have you visit the home and/or talk with their vet. Get many references of previous buyers and talk to them. If the breeder you are talking with balks at any of these requests, you don’t want their clearance priced puppy.


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